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May. 2009

TBLI (Triple Bottom Line Investing) Conference, which is famous for as an international conference on SRI, was held for the first time in Japan. There were about 250 participants from Ministry Agencies including the Ministry of the Environment ,domestic and foreign public pension funds , corporate pension funds, the financial institutions, think tanks, companies, NPOs, and religious organizations, etc. It was the one to show the rise of the concern of SRI in Japan. Mizue Tsukushi ,President & CEO of the Good Bankers , participated as a panelist.
TBLI Conference website:

Nov. 2007

Mitsubishi UFJ SRI fund ( Family Friendly Fund ) became a winner of the first Work-Life Balance Awards for its outstanding social effect.

Sep. 2007

Signed UN PRI ( Principles for Responsible Investment )

Jul. 2007

Gained the research mandate from the EU Commission for environmental finance.

Oct. 2006

Member of Eurosif ( European Social Investment Forum )

Jun. 2006

Gained the SRI research mandate from Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking for its pension clients.

Apr. 2006

Gained the research mandate from Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. For its custom made SRI Index.

Oct. 2005

We have no vacancies at the moment. Thank you very much indeed for those who applied for the posts.

Oct. 2005

Mitsubishi UFJ SRI fund ( Family Friendly Fund ) became a winner of the 2005 Good Design Award. For more details and the press release, please click here.

Sep. 2005

On 5th September 2005, Mizue Tsukushi, the president and CEO of the Good Bankers, was commended as a person of merit for Gender Equality of the Cabinet Office by the Prime Minister. The reason for the commendation is as follows:

  • Tsukushi founded the Good Bankers, the first independent investment-advisory company devoted to social investment research in Japan in 1998.
  • Establishing the first Japanese Socially Responsible Investment ( SRI ) product, Eco-fund, she defined a business-model by which social problems are to be solved and improved via financial tools.
  • In 2004, another SRI product, "Family Friendly" Fund was created. This product target the family-friendly companies, where employees can strike a balance between work and life and can choose among a wide range of flexible modes of employment. "Family Friendly" Fund assesses companies according to criteria including child-care leave and performance.
  • Her achievements would be a role model for other women wishing to re-build up their careers, who once interrupted work due to child care and other related family matters.
Aug. 2005

We are currently recruiting SRI analysts.

Jan. 2005

The end of research for EIRIS.

Dec. 2004

Mitsubishi UFJ SRI fund ( Family Friendly Fund )starts.

Jun. 2004

Gained the Research mandate from Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management for its first SRI Fund.

Jan. 2004

Commissioned by SNS Asset Management of the Netherlands to conduct research on Japanese companies for its global SRI fund.

  • An asset management company of the SNS Reaal Group, the sixth largest Dutch financial group, and a pioneer in SRI management in the Netherlands
  • Clients include numerous institutional investors, such as ASN Bank, the largest Dutch bank specializing in SRI, and public pension funds
Feb. 2003

Commissioned by the Mutual Aid Association for Tokyo Metropolitan Teachers and Officials to implement its SRI pension fund.

Jan. 2003

Commissioned by the Ethical Investment Research Service ( EIRIS ), a major British SRI research organization, to conduct research on Japanese companies ( EJan.2005 ). Please have a look at the news article on ASrIA's website for more details.

  • A broad-based SRI study encompassing such items as environmental performance, social performance, corporate governance, and human rights issues
May 2002

We have created our website!

Nov. 2001

Voting member of ASrIA ( Association of Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia )

Jan. 2001

In partnership with the environmental and social issues research team of Zuercher Kantonalbank, the third largest Swiss universal bank, began research on Japanese companies and an analyst training exchange program.

Dec. 2000

Began research on an SRI fund for the Mutual Aid Association for Tokyo Metropolitan Teachers and Officials.

  • The first tailor-made SRI fund catering to institutional investors in Japan
  • In addition to environmental performance, also evaluates social performance ( employee treatment, in-house and out-of-house training, social action programs, etc. )
Mar. 2000

Became one of the first signatories of UNEP FI ( Finance Initiative ) in Japan.

Oct. 1999

Began research on an eco fund for Kogin-Daiichi Life Asset Management Co.

Aug. 1999

Developed Japan’s first SRI product, the Nikko Eco Fund.

  • A winner of the 2001 Good Design Award
  • Other companies followed in the wake of this success, giving birth to an SRI market in Japan